What role has the Berlin process envisioned for youth?


On 29 September 2020, Bosnia and Herzegovina Association for United Nations, in cooperation with Cooperation and Development Institute, Regional Youth Cooperation Office, and with the support of Hanns Seidel Stiftung and Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, organized the webinar titled "What role has the Berlin process envisioned for youth?". This event was part of the WBYCP 2020 activity plan and the discussion was focused on the importance of Berlin process for youth and its opportunities.

The key message from this event was that youth should be part of every decision-making process, not only listen to what the others have decided for youth. Youth in BiH is extremely apathetic, therefore they don't know what should be their role in public life and international processes, let alone how to fight their way through to have their voice heard. I was mentioned the issue of "youthivism" - we are turning youth empowerment into a philosophy, which is extremely fluid, since being young passes, and most adults stop caring about youth issues, once they are not considered young anymore. BiH government structures do not believe youth should be involved into "grown-up" business, they believe youth should firstly finish their studies, find a job and then get involved.

Youth does not talk about the Berlin Process, nor the EU; youth talks about living conditions, paychecks, and where will they emigrate after finishing their studies.