WBYCP stands for Western Balkans Youth Cooperation Platform. WBYCP is a grassroots regional youth platform implemented by Cooperation and Development Institute (CDI), together with the umbrella youth organizations of the six Western Balkans Countries - National Youth Congress of Albania, National Youth Council of Macedonia, National Youth Council of Serbia, High School Students Union of Montenegro, Central Youth Action Council of Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina Association for United Nations -, and with the support of Hanns Seidel Foundation.

The six partner organizations and Cooperation and Development Institute have signed the Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation “Working together through the Western Balkans Youth Cooperation Platform” in March 30, 2018. As per article 2 of this Memorandum, “the parties commit to work together to get the best results from youth EU and regional cooperation in the region and further support the role and contribution of the youngsters in the society. To this end, the Western Balkans Youth Cooperation Platform represents a strategic and valuable resource for all the partners, as well as for their youth member organizations. All parties agree to use and to contribute to it.”

With the aim to promote youth connectivity in the Balkans, WBYCP offers a unique and tailor-made space to youngsters from the region where they meet, plan, organise, implement and voice up their action. In WBYCP youngsters can find partners for joint activities, design and implement joint initiatives, exchange ideas, consult a youth library, and built and carry outreach and lobbying action. WBYCP is designed to function as a resource center for youth in the Western Balkans.

WBYCP also offers a wide array of existing initiatives, national, regional and EU-supported that target youth and cover the Western Balkans. Consult the WBYCP Brochure for more information.

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