Our Partners & Friends

Our Ideator

Cooperation and Development Institute

Cooperation and Development Institute (CDI) is an Albanian think tank focused in analyzing and contributing to public policy at national and regional level. Established in 2000, it is a politically independent, not for profit, non-governmental organization. CDI’s mission is to contribute to the quality of policy-making with open and fact-based research, analysis, advocacy and debate. Through research, publications, events and social media, CDI promotes an innovative discussion space for everyone interested in improving the quality of evidence-based decision making.

Email: info@cdinstitute.eu
Website: http://www.cdinstitute.eu

Our Institutional Partners in the Western Balkans

National Youth Congress of Albania

Founded in March 2013 in Tirana, NYC is the Albanian youth umbrella organization – a union of 112 youth organizations, informal groups, youth forums of political parties, etc. Its aim is to exchange information, highlight, lobby, advocate and solve youth issues, as well as to provide capacity building for all entities involved in the network.

Email: info@krk.al
Website: https://krk.al/

Bosnia and Herzegovina Association for United Nations

BHA UN is an association established to promote national reconciliation through primarily engaging the youth from the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina, supporting and promoting the values of the European Union, fostering civic engagement in the process of decision-making, bringing the aspect of informal education and youth networking to the attention to relevant institutions. BHA UN is an integrative and inclusive association in its membership background variety.

Email: info@unabih.org
Website: https://www.unabih.org/

Central Youth Action
Council Kosovo

CYAC is the highest body of Kosovo's youth representation and the largest network that welcomes youngsters without distinctions of religion, sex and ethnicity. It included formal and informal groups, youth centers, organization, councils, school and other partner institutions.

Email: kqvr.rks@gmail.com
Website: http://youth-kosova.org/

High School Students Union of Montenegro

Established in 2015 and is a nongovernmental and a non-profit youth association, which represents the umbrella organization of high school student parliaments. Its goal is to promote the participation of high school students in decision-making processes related to all aspects of life, encourage youth activism, and create sustainable methods of funding.

Email: unijasrednjoskolacacg@gmail.com
Website: http://unscg.me/

National Youth Council of Macedonia

Founded in 30 June 2013, NYCM is a youth umbrella organization - a union of associations and foundations in the Republic of Macedonia, which gathers 48 organizations. NYCM is a nongovernmental, non-partisan and non-profit organization. Since 29 November 2015, the NYCM is part of the biggest European platform of youth organizations - the European Youth Forum (YFJ).

Email: info@nms.org.mk
Website: http://www.nms.org.mk/en/

National Youth Council of

Founded in 12 March 2011, KOMS is the highest independent representative body of youth in Serbia. KOMS was founded and joined by youth organizations (organizations of young people, which work with youth, for youth, and in the interest of youth). Its general objective is to strengthen negotiation positions of youth in relation to the State, improve the mechanisms for the participation of youth in decision-making, and provide youth with relevant information. Since July 21, 2020, KOMS has been legally recognized as The National Youth Council by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, in accordance with the Article 14 of the Law on Youth in Serbia.

Email: office@koms.rs
Website: http://koms.rs/

The Kosovar Youth Council (KYC)

The Kosovar Youth Council (KYC) is one of the oldest youth non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 1999 in refugees’ camps in Albania and registered officially later during that year in Prishtina, Kosovo. KYC striking niche is establishment of the biggest high school’s student representative structure – the Student Council of Kosovo- SCK. SCK is active since 2005 and consists of 100 representatives from 30 municipalities in Kosovo, 100 high schools. SCK is a national structure that represents all students of secondary schools of Kosovo and serves as an entity that protects students’ interests and cooperates with officials, parents and professors for the benefit of entire education system.

Email: kyckosova@gmail.com
Website: http://www.kyc-ks.org/

Our Friends

Hanns Seidel Stiftung

“In the service of democracy, peace and development” – this motto is present in the work and mission of the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSS). Understanding of democracy must be secured again with each generation. Political contexts must be made clear, especially to young people. Only then can they be motivated to get involved themselves and take on responsibility.
HSS has believed in the concept of Western Balkans Youth Cooperation Platform and has since 2017 been the supporter of its activities.

Email: albanien@hss.de
Website: https://albania.hss.de/sq/