ONE WAY TICKET? What leads young people from the Western Balkans into emigration and what brings them back - eleven voices!


"Young People, Migration and Demographic Challenge in the Western Balkans" - was the title of the conference organized by the German Foreign Office, Southeast Europe Society and Aspen Institute, together with Regional Youth Cooperation Office - RYCO and Crossborder Factory from 28th to 30th October.

As part of the project "One Way Ticket? Young people and migration from the Western Balkans - possibilities and opportunities to shape the process", citizens from six Western Balkan countries spent (online!) several months developing their own ideas and recommendations for this conference.

Here you can consult their work HERE!

As part of the project, a movie with the same title was also produced, where youngsters from the Western Balkans tell:

  • why they left their home country,
  • why they stayed there, or
  • why they returned to their home country after living abroad.

  • Listen to their stories HERE!