WBYCP at YO!Fest partners meeting


Western Balkans Youth Cooperation Platform is officially a partner of the YO!Fest 2020 - the biggest European political youth festival which gathers young people to discuss about the latest political developments which impact them. This event is organized by European Youth Forum with the support of European Parliament. #YouthUP

Last weekend all the YO!Fest 2020 partners gathered in Brussels to brainstorm ideas and develop activities in partnership, drawing on the expertise of each organization. An inspiring youth event is ahead!

What are the perception of EU Youth about Western Balkans? What are the main similarities and differences related to youth activism? How can European youth cooperate with each other to make their voice count and to strengthen their impact? These are the main questions that WBYCP will trigger in YO !Fest aiming to enhance youth connectivity between WB6 and EU.

In the following months, we will work closely with our partners to shape an amazing youth festival in Strasbourg on 29 and 30 of May 2020.