WBYCP's partners at European Youth Forum GA in Novi Sad


The European Youth Forum (YFJ) is the largest forum in the world that represent over 100 youth organizations, which bring together tens of millions of young people from all over Europe. Our partners, the National Youth Council of Macedonia (NYCM) and the National Youth Council of Serbia (KOMS) are already part of this European platform as member organizations, while the National Youth Congress of Albania is in process of application to be part of YFJ.

NYCM, KOMS and NYC Albania were invited to be part of their GA that took place in Novi Sad from 21 to 25 November. During this event, our partners organized an internal meeting where they discussed ideas on how to deepen our cooperation and expand the cooperation with other relevant organizations who are working for youngsters in the region. They also promoted the WBYCP to other umbrella organizations from all over Europe by explaining how it works and what we have achieved so far. The bottom up approach and the mission of our platform goes in the same line as the mission and the main goals of YFJ, which are:

  • Greater youth participation
  • Stronger youth organizations
  • Increased youth autonomy and inclusion
These goals are also our objectives for next years as we already agreed to in our Joint Statement. In order to be more effective in advocating for our goals we have to cooperate with other stakeholders and voice up together. Click here to see more photos from the event.