Fifth Annual Event of Albanian National Youth Congress


On the 5th and 6th of July, 2017, was held the annual event of the National Youth Congress (NYC). This event consisted in two full days of work, where over 80 organizations, youth informal groups and youth forums of political parties' members of the NYC participated. The positive synergy created, the qualitative discussions and the new fascinating feeds brought an inspirational atmosphere for all the work that will continue in the coming months.

On the first day there were three panels where the first panel of discussion consisted in the role of national youth structures in youth empowerment, their connectivity as well as regional youth cooperation as a multidimensional trend. The second panel consisted in the presentation of the report on the Youth Resolutions Initiative and of key findings from members activities in 12 regions of Albania on Education, Youth Employment, Social Security, Public Space, Integration. The third panel continued with the launch of local initiatives supported by NYC. On the second day, Congress continued with discussions of the most current and problematic topics of youth in every district of Albania, where all organizations exchanged experiences and shared thoughts on the work approach of problem solving. The event was concluded with the elections of new Board members and of the President.