Essay competition "Three reasons to stay in my country" is launched


As part of the programme for 2018, Western Balkans Youth Cooperation Platform is pleased to announce the launch of the Essay Competition "Three reasons to stay in my country". The essay competition is open to youngsters:

  • aged 16-24;
  • that want to make their voice heard with decision makers in the Western Balkan countries;
  • that want to engage and contribute to European future of their country and of the Balkans;
  • that want to meet more youngsters and take part to an exciting regional youth exchange event in Tirana.
Youngsters currently enrolled in Secondary Education institutions of the Western Balkans region, or engaged with youth organizations active in the region, are strongly encouraged to apply.

After careful assessment, a Commission will select 2 youngsters per country to explain why Balkan youth has a future here, and what is expected from Balkan and EU politicians. A special youth exchange programme in Tirana and a regional event entirely dedicated to youth topics will be organized in Tirana, where the winners will be invited and the best essays presented. All participation costs are covered by WBYCP.

You can submit your essay within 25 June 2018, 18.00 hrs.

For more information on the essay competition rules for application read more information here.