Youth Stocktaking Report

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The OECD Youth Stocktaking Report is the first of its kind to take stock of existing public governance arrangements for effective and inclusive youth engagement and empowerment. It draws on OECD evidence on open government, gender equality, public sector innovation, public budgeting, regulatory policy, and other areas. The OECD ran a public consultation from 18 May - 12 August 2018 to provide a space for young people and youth policy practitioners to share their thoughts on how a youth-friendly government operates, and to enrich the report with practical examples. They received feedback from participants from 39 countries, and 56% of respondents were between 14 - 29 years old. Among the respondents were Denja Otte from Germany, Hanadi Al-Saidi from Canada, Fernando Garci-Crespo from Mexico, Andrew Chen from the United States and Tiago Cunha from Portugal. These young participants offered their views on what is required from their governments and public administration for them to successfully deliver on the needs of youth.
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