The main aim of the platform is to offer a resource center where to find partners for joint activities, exchange initiatives, youth projects, discuss cooperation ideas, build up joint activities, get advice, and implement those projects together.

Three reasons to stay in my country

Western Balkans Youth Cooperation Platform (WBYCP) launches the regional youth essay competition “Three reasons to stay in my country”


WBYCP is a grassroots regional youth platform implemented by Cooperation and Development Institute (CDI), together with the umbrella youth organizations of the Six Western Balkans countries

1st "VOICE UP" Western Balkans Youth Forum And Exchange Programme

From October 9 to 12, WBYCP organized the 1st "Voice Up" Western Balkans Youth Forum and Exchange Programme. 18 youngsters from the region had the opportunity to know and work with each other and with professionals from various fields other in several workshops and trainings.

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WBYCP at Young Bled Strategic Forum

For the second year Western Balkans Youth Cooperation Platform partnered with Bled Strategic Forum to boost regional youth cooperation and support the much needed dialogue with youngsters from EU Member States ......



Capturing Youth Unemployment and Education through Youth Lens | Tirana and Prishtina events

During the month of July, WBYCP organized two country events: one in Tirana, during the General Assembly of the National Youth Congress of Albania...



Capturing Youth Education and Participation Through Youth Lens | Podgorica and Belgrade

The next stops of WBYCP team were in Podgorica and in Belgrade where we met with the Member Organizations delegates of High School Students Union of Montenegro and Krovna Organizacija Mladih Srbije. ...



Capturing Youth Unemployment and Participation through Youth Lens

Each year WBYCP team travels across the countries in the region and meets with youngsters and youth organizations members of our partners. Last month we travelled to Skopje and Sarajevo and met with the Member...



Kicking off with WBYCP 2019 regional action!

WBYCP has entered its third year of activities. Yesterday, the platform institutional partners gathered in Tirana for a strategic meeting to evaluate past actions and plan future work, with a special focus on the 2019 joint activities and actions....



KOMS remains devoted to strengthen regional youth cooperation

From 8th till 10th February, the National Youth Council of Serbia held its seventh General Assembly, which gathered more than 100 delegates, representatives of KOMS’ member organizations. During the Assembly, annual reports for the year 2018 were adopted, as well as KOMS’ Annual Work Plan for 2019...



National Student Fee and Support System in four countries of the Western Balkan region 2017/18

The annual report “National Student Fee and Support Systems in European Higher Education 2017/18” shows how fee and support systems (including grants and loans) work in higher education in Europe....



What's Ahead?

New Year, bigger engagement, support and impact in 2019!
WBYCP is a unique regional platform, striving for connecting youngsters in the Western ...



European Youth Capital 2019 in Western Balkans

The Youth Capital in Europe for this year is in the Western Balkans. It is the city of Novi Sad, the 2nd most largest city of Serbia. During the competition for winning this title, the city presented the project "Novi Sad - Opening Doors"......

Visit Our Library

Welcome to WBYCP Library, a place where you can be up to date with the newest publications regarding Youth in the Western Balkans.


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