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We aim to achieve our goal of shaping the personalities of our pupils and helping them to discover their potential, inspiring them to take responsibility of their lives, their families, and the society they live in.

NEHEMIA School focuses on pupils aiming to support and empower them through education with the goal to train and equip for their own lives and their communities as adults. Our Claim: Education is dedicated to a person, learning to shape his/her own life under his/her responsibility towards others. Our Philosophy: Very good schools of today are characterized by two things: the individual support and encouragement alongside the talents, skills and gifts of each particular pupil, as well as the will to communicate and share with the stakeholders in the environment. Both of them define the school culture beyond all other factors. The school that places the personality of the pupil in the center of its attention and at the same time opens up its doors, its sensorium and its knowledge /know-how to the community- which means the world wide practiced of „service learning“ - such a school does something for its special pupils, it makes them to „ educated persons“. Because it challenges them and encourages them to bring forth their excellent performance, in the same manner they would do, as members of civil society already introduced early to the issue of responsibility. Training for excellency and “service learning” are both essentials, which account for excellent schools and represent their internal and external communicated culture. A school like this sees an opportunity in the heterogeneity. Learning is not only learning with one-another but also from one-another. We learn only in differences, differentiations and distinctions. In such way personalities are developed who are there for the others.

Additional Information

Name: Donika
Surname: Nasto
Country: Albania
Email: donika.nasto@ng.team
Phone: 0699135322
Additional information: NEHEMIA school, a non-public school, was established with the vision to create a sustainable change in the Albanian society in 1998 in Pogradec. NEHEMIA School is a project of Nehemiah Gateway Albania, thus its vision and mission derive from Nehemiah Gateway Albania, who in turn being part of Nehemiah Gateway Team takes them from Nehemiah Gateway (https://www.nehemiah-gateway.al/en)


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