BLUEPRINT ON YOUTH DIALOGUE IN THE SEE6 - National Youth Councils and their role in the Youth Dialogue

A joint research conducted last year by the partners of the Western Balkans Youth Cooperation Platform highlighted how the low engagement of young people from the SEE62 in the public debate, in local and central governance, or school and university reform processes, has negatively impacted the way towards addressing youth issues related to education, employment and reform processes in general. At EU level, the EU Youth Dialogue is the standard mechanism engaging the youngsters and making sure that their opinion, views and needs are taken into account when EU defines youth policies. The Dialogue has its cycles, with each of them focusing on a different theme set by the Council of Youth Ministers from Member States. The National Youth Councils play a crucial role in this process. This Paper reflects on the current map of National Youth umbrella organizations in the SEE6, analyzes their role in the process of creation of national youth policies, as well as provides useful insights on the supportive or inhibitive features of existing frameworks that enable Youth Dialogue standards implementation in practice.

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Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia




Alexander Kauschanski, German Federal Youth Council (DBJR) Andrea Micanovic, High Schools Students Union of Montenegro Anna-Sophie Kloppe, German Federal Youth Council (DBJR) Krisela Hackaj, Cooperation and Development Institute (CDI) Lorela Marku, Cooperation and Development Institute (CDI)