Socio - Political Participation of Youth in North Macedonia: Apathy, Optimism or Disappointment?

The study 'Socio-Political Participation of Youth in North Macedonia: Optimism, Apathy or Disappointment?' is a result of Westminster Foundation for Democracy's efforts to investigate the current perceptions and positions of youth in the country. The design of the research builds on the known research studies and efforts to explore the positions of this demographic group in the country, takes into account what we already know, and builds upon it into new areas. It is important to have understanding and insight in the perceptions of youth, not only because they constitute a quarter of the population, but also because the future development of the country relies on the knowledge and values of these new generations. Young people in North Macedonia have undoubtedly left their mark on society. Whether through activism, engagement with youth organisations and volunteer work, though protest movements, or even with their emigration from the country, they strongly influence the social development of the country in different ways. That is why with this research effort, we try to provide contemporary insight into the ways young people think right now - about their place in society, their engagement, their outlooks.

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Westminster Foundation for Democracy, North Macedonia