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Local Action Group PRESPA – Resen

LAG PRESPA aims to improve the quality of life and increase the living standard of the population through development of human resources, cooperation with the business sector, infrastructure improvement, tourism development, sustainable use of natural resources, efficient use of renewable energy sources, reducing the unemployment and improving the demographic structure in rural areas. The territory of LAG PRESPA Resen is a coveted and attractive environment with Lake Prespa, National Parks Galichica and Pelister, and rich cultural and historical heritage. It is an economically rising rural area that provides for the innovative utilization of local capacities and resources through active co-operation and coexistence of the population and creating an environment for increasing the quality of life.

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Name: Jovica
Surname: Volkanovski
Country: Macedonia
Email: prespalag@gmail.com
Phone: 38978206764
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