Type: Youth CSO-s

Dora e Pajtimit

DORA E PAJTIMIT is an Italian-Albanian non-profit association operating in the social sector since 2007. Strengthening and consolidating forms of youth associations through the creation of training courses and creative interventions aimed at promoting reconciliation, social inclusion and peaceful coexistence of the community of Shkoder (Albania). With the invitation to active participation and development education, the association aims to work effectively with young people especially trying to prevent deviance phenomena such as social isolation, illegal emigration, blood feuds. Etc The activities that the association has carried out and plans to carry out in the future to achieve its objectives are the organization of educational courses, theater workshops, study seminars, surveys and debates, improving the knowledge and technical and operational skills of the members and participants. Its mission is to intervene in the areas that present serious social problems through practices and tools that draw on the social theater by sharing attitudes, knowledge and fundamental skills to restore confidence, awareness and the desire to improve the communities present there.