Type: Individual

Boban Stanisic

Member of the board of the Montenegrin Youth Forum (COF). The Montenegrin Youth Forum (COF) is a umbrella organization that brings together youth organizations, organizations for youth, and other youth structures at the local and national levels. COF brings together organizations that are working together to positively influence the role of young people in our country. Vision of COF is active and mutually equal young people who represent the interests of Montenegrin society, participate in the decision-making process, connecting and cooperate with international youth structures and influence, and create a democratic and peaceful environment in Montenegro. President of the Network of Movement for Changes. Movement for Changes (PzP) is a liberal conservative political party in Montenegro which has as a proclaimed goal the integration of their country into the European Union and political and economic reforms to bring it into line with European norms. The principle of equality is the foundation of good governance and stabe society. The PzP, therefore, strives towards achieving and fully implementing/respecting the principle of equality. This is especially important in the area of gender equality, and the PzP will work tirelessly towards establishing this principle on various levels: within the family unit, in the workplace, and in public life. The Movement for Changes believes that decentralizing the mechanisms of power and giving the politiclal agency back to the citizens of Montenegro represent foundations of democracy.