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European Youth Association

The main goal of the European Youth Association is integration of young people in contemporary social trends, as well as active involvement of young people in all spheres of social life and their influence in the decision making process at local, national and regional levels. European Youth Association that encourages dynamic society with active engagement and participation of young people, encourages youth support of SEE region and supports new ways of expressing the views of young people. European Youth Association is a unique mix of proactivity, inspiration and belief of young people who transform Macedonia, the Balkans region, Europe and the world. European Youth Association is fully devoted to fulfilling its vision, mission and statute, by developing and implementing innovative initiatives. We together continuously invest time, knowledge and energy in order to achieve our vision.We are young people working with young people through both peer-to-peer education and mass communication supported by youth leaders. Our mission is to empower young people to change their community.

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Name: Dejan
Surname: Ilioski
Country: Macedonia
Email: ilioski@gmail.com
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