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Energy Service Organisation


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The mission statement of Energy Service Organization is to promote the efficient use of energetic resources for a sustainable management of the economy development and environment protection as well as lobbying the final consumers and administrative officials to think critically on the energetic efficiency use when purchasing (procuring) energy consuming equipment or making technological selections.

Collaborate in projects at national and international level adhering to EU directives, conventions and comprehensive policies. Collaborate with donors and implementing organizations for the Albanian socio-economic development in the function of identifying, analyzing, and sustainable development of the capital resources; Provide information, awareness, training and development programs to improve the capacity of central and local public institutions, communities and civil society organizations in the context of achieving socio-economic objectives; Perform researches, surveys, market analysis, feasibility and comparative studies of the Albanian socio-economic reality at regional and European level and develop models and policies applicable to local and regional Albanian conditions. Advocate, coordinate and represent the legitimate interests of professional, academic, researching and community groups, in accordance with the major objectives of the European integration of Albania.

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Energy,  Environment,  Innovation,  Urban/rural development