National Student Fee and Support Systems in European Higher Education 2017/18

Is there anywhere in Europe where students can study without paying fees? Which countries charge the highest fees? What kind of financial support is offered to students, and who actually receives it?
This annual report "National Student Fee and Support Systems in European Higher Education 2017/18" shows how fee and support systems (including grants and loans) work in higher education in Europe. It provides both a comparative overview of fees and financial support available to full-time students in 2017/18, and also includes individual country sheets outlining the main elements of national systems.
In particular, the publication describes the range of fees charged to national, EU and international students, specifying the categories of students that are required to pay and those who may be exempt. Similarly, it explains the types and amounts of public support available in the form of grants and loans, as well as tax benefits and family allowances where applicable.

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