Strengthening dialogue and joint action of young citizens across borders

The establishment of RYCO presents a great opportunity for the young generation to meet one another, examine prejudices, get better-acquainted with one's own and other cultures, and strengthen reconciliation and peaceful regional cooperation in the Western Balkans. The FGYO had the opportunity to accompany representatives of civil society and of the governments of the six countries in the Western Balkans during the two-year process of creating this youth office. We were able to serve as facilitators for this process. This also included pointing to experience with Franco-German reconciliation, presenting this not as a 'model', but as a strong source of inspiration and as a way to offer political European experience in the discussion process. Moreover, in more than 50 years, FGYO has developed lots of practical educational tools for intercultural youth encounters and peaceful dialogue among different cultures, and these can be an effective source of ideas and encouragement in other regions as well. Specifically, this brochure is intended to provide encouragement to people in different regions of the world who are thinking about and working to build new structures and tread new paths to promote interaction among young people across national borders. Beyond youth policy, this document may provide suggestions for other political fields of action - not only in this region but also wherever the objective is to cultivate trust, build bridges and promote regional cooperation in a post-war situation.

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  • Nicolas Moll
  • Frank Morawietz

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