Youth Participation in Politics and Decision-Making in Albania 2011-2015

This study is the first of its kind, producing both quantitative and qualitative data collected from several levels of decision-making institutions in Albania. The study presents an overview of the participation of the youth in the Albanian government and parliament, the local government (city halls and municipal councils), political parties and their youth forums, and the participation of the youth in civil society organizations.The collected data wereanalyzed for the purpose of this study and led to some main findings. To improve the situation of the youth and to increase their participation at different levels of politics and decision-making, in this study are listed as well a number of recommendations for the parliament, the government, political and decision-making institutions within political parties, both at a local and national level. Some of these recommendations are addressed to the members of youth forums of political parties and youth organizations of the civil society.

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  • Blerina Metaj
  • Klaudio Pulaha
  • Marinela Isuf

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  • Dr. Fatlinda Berisha
  • Irena Shtraza (MA)
  • Altin Hazizaj (MA, LLM)