Youth employment trends in Albania: What is the market looking for?

This study tries to give some practical and useful advice for Albanian youngsters and their parents for the planning of a professional career and the respective education and / or vocational training. It also provides a representative sample of 800 enterprises all over Albania, registered with the National Employment Services (NES), in order to identify their needs on qualifications; their demand for young people entering labour market; their involvement in the national VET system; and their forecasted business perspectives. This sample was completed with a second group of the 50 biggest employers in Albania (not necessarily registered with NES) employing 30% of the total Albanian workforce. The study also shows the importance of a better and closer cooperation with educational institutions in training, in order to develop adaptive curricula for schools, universities and - most important - to have a new conception and development framework of the vocational training system.

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  • Ardian Hackaj
Supported by: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Office Albania

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Cooperation and Development Institute


Youth study, survey, research